Get access to a wide range of solutions to digitalize your business

We identify the most relevant solutions for your business and ensure that the solutions you use work together seamlessly.

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What you get with Universal Avenue

  • Save time & money

    A dedicated support and one invoice service to help you focus on the right things while we work to make your business more profitable.

  • Relevant solutions

    We identify the most relevant solutions for your business and ensure that the solutions you use are working seamlessly together.

  • Trusted partner

    Universal Avenue is partner to the world’s leading brands and with more than 25,000 local businesses trusting us to digitalize, you can be sure that you get the best price and quality.

  • Monitor & manage

    Monitor and manage your digital solutions in one interface, always available in the cloud so you can access the latest stats or connect to a new solution.

How it works

We have created a global ecosystem of local business owners, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and distribution partners, in order to help local businesses unlock the potential of digital.

  1. MATCH

    We identify the best solutions for each local business.


    Each local business is connected to a relevant local distribution partner, powered by Universal Avenue.


    We identify the best and most innovative digital solutions around the world.

Categories of businesses we often help

Want to learn more about what it means to digitalize your business and see what our platform can do for you?


    Restaurants, cafés and bars trust us to provide them with the latest digital solutions to grow their business.


    Dentists, hairdressers and spas take their business to the next level through our Digital Commerce Platform.


    As a retailer you can trust us to connect you with the most relevant solutions.


    Identify the most relevant digital solutions for your business in one location.


    Streamline the digital solutions being used across your outlets with a central overview.


    Get in touch to learn more about how we can help your business grow.

Unlocking the potential of digital

Meet some of the local businesses that have digitalized through our Distribution Partner Platform.

  • Styleport

    Stockholm, Sweden

    With a focus on hair styling, make-up and beauty, Styleport covers all beauty needs, seven days a week. Today Universal Avenue handles all of our marketing on Google so that we can focus our time on our customers and what we do best.

    - Pelle Vestervall - Owner

  • Ekholmsnäs Golf Lidingö

    Stockholm, Sweden

    Since 2016 Universal Avenue has managed my digital marketing campaigns. Together we have been able to grow my customer base by over 100% and, thanks to this, today we are the world’s largest golf club with over 20 000 members. We will not stop here, our ambition is to grow even more and faster; our next target is to reach at least 50 000 members.

    - Johan Mikhelson Ringqvist - Owner

  • Wrapiano

    Stockholm, Sweden

    It’s always exciting to be contacted by my advisor at Universal Avenue. I am interested in all the solutions they have but my resources are limited. So far i have gotten help with two different solutions for my business, other solutions can be relevant going forward. I can recommend a cooperation with Universal Avenue. You will have professional and personal experience.

    - Khashayar Fararooni, Wrapiano